Friday, 27 September 2013

Part 2: Being Silly in Rossland

Next stop of our training camp was Rossland, BC. Here we would continue to do many hours but also get into some very hard intensity on the rollerskis. We left beautiful sunny Canmore after having lunch at my parents house, on our way to Rossland.

Part way through the drive it turned to a down pour, we were all happy to be travelling and not training in it for once. 

Arriving to a dark and wet Rossland
Our first training session had us head out on the road bikes for three hours. Sebastien and I headed up to the Nancy Greene Summit and Beyond.
First Summit of the day
Taking in the sights

My riding buddy
When we were not training it was pretty easy to relax in our fancy condo at Red Mountian.
Multitasking: Hot tub and Television
 Our interval spot for the week was right down at the border, we had two days of long hard intensity sessions on the rollerskis.
Beautiful weather by the border to the US
Leading out the double pole intensity session in some bright shorts.
 One of the most popular bike trails in the area is Seven summits. It also happens to be a perfect four hour run for our team.

Graham happy to be done
 Some of the afternoons we spend in the gym. Although it was not the biggest and had some short doorways we managed to make it work.
Sebastien maxing out the weight in the rossland gym

If you keep your Muscle mlk in the wine fridge there is no choice but to class it up and pour it in a wine glass.
Tasty protein
 Although biking is one of my favourite things to do, I still find three hours on a road boring. Poping wheelies, waving at cars, and goofing off can always make a ride go by faster.

Goofing off with Sebastien on our ride
Next stop, Revelstoke. One of my favourite places to train in the summer.

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