Friday, 19 April 2013

First Post

So I have finally started to write a blog. With all the blogs I have read I've noticed that mostly I just look at the pictures and don't read the long dreary paragraphs, so I promise to keep it full of pictures and videos, but I may include some words.
First ride of the year!
 For the first half of April I stayed in whistler while most of the team left or went away on a vacation. At the end of the ski season I am always looking forward to getting on my bike again and the wet rocks and dirt of whistler's famous trails. I got my yearly crash out of the way on my second ride and within a week had a new set of brakes to hopefully stop that from happening again.  

This video is from the end of my most recent 4 hour ride, It was full of getting lost and hiking through snow. But I thought it was necessary to show how fun the trails are here. 
We still have lots of snow

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