Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hornby Island Getaway

On Monday at some ridiculously early time we crammed ourselves in the team van and headed to Hornby Island for a short team bonding trip.
Start of our third and final ferry ride of the day.

Our cozy little cabin on Hornby Island

Tribune Bay
 During the days we ran on amazing bike trails, had talks about mental strategies to reach our optimal performance. It was great to learn usefull tips on goal setting and pushing past our limits. Shannon Thompson did a wonderful job. Sweet Performance
On Tuesday we went and checked out Tribune Bay in the afternoon, the rocks were amazing, it was like being on the moon.
Paul and his pet alligator 

Graham and Chris being typical weirdos. 

Paul got a little scared, but team mom was there to rescue.

Headed back to Whistler
Hornby Island was amazing place to go even if we got a bit of rain. I hope to go back there one day, but this time bring my mountain bike.

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  1. Nice account of the trip Martin. Thanks for the shout out :) Shannon